Golden Rules

Golden Rules
I reviewed a YouTube video by Bic Sports, you know, the folks who make pens, called Stand Up Paddling – Taking Your Sup to the Surf. This guy went over what he called the golden rules when learning to SUP surf. I think they make a lot of sense. I think some of these apply to regular surfing too.
1. Do not go where there are others in the water.
2. Always wear a leash.
3. Hone your paddling skills in flat water before attempting the surf.
4. Learn from those with more experience.
Of all these I’d place staying clear of others at the top of the list. I surfed from age 14 to 62 and have spent an awful lot of time upside down in the surf zone on my SUP. But I’m getting better. I’ve shown a bit of impatience getting into the surf and do not have great paddling skills, but I’ve totally stayed clear of others, always wear a leash, and talk with any SUPer who will give me their time. Most are quite generous.

Like the Guy Who Paddles Fast.

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