Big Board Busy

I’ve been busy, and tired, and edgy for waves.  Not the gigantic wind chop slop that’s come day after day.   I’ve needed rest, but only as a last resort, when the caffeine and the chocolate have run their course and left me deflated, eyes flapping in a wind of to dos.

My posts have been pushed past the end of the day then placed on the shelf where they just gather dust.  But this morning the wind stopped, the swell dropped, and the sun came out.  There was time to take out my big board for some much needed play.

Caught a few waves, recharged my battery, now ready for a 21-day cleanse that starts tomorrow with no caffeine, sugar, gluten, dairy, or alcohol.  What’s left, you might ask.  Fruit, veggies, lean meat, fresh fish, almond butter, humus, and lots and lots of water.

So if you have a minute, check out my play time.

Linda Mar Small Waves Big Board from Tom Adams on Vimeo.

African SUP

It’s been at least two weeks since I stepped foot in the surf.  The waves have been large and unruly but it rained which is good. My ten week workshop with the San Francisco Writers Studio has been fulfilling. This class ends Tuesday. I signed up for the next one which starts in two weeks. Between now and then I plan to publish some of the work I’ve done in the class.

Yesterday I got wet and it solidified the notion that SUP days are better than others.  Even though I lost my footing more than once, I caught waves and paddled the length of the beach. After an hour session I left the water with a clear head and sore muscles.

So why the title African SUP?  Watch the one minute video: It’s the music.



My wife and I went looking for trees and found two beauties and a patch of kelp.  The first tree is off the Pescadero Marsh, maybe 400 meters from the ocean.  The tree transmits the sound of rustling leaves to an ear placed against a cool branch.  Look closely for the fair damsel in the tree.

The second is a Cyprus grove above the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  It’s about 1.5 kilometers or so from Mavericks, the big wave spot.  It’s also where the opening scenes to Memoirs of a Geisha were filmed.

The third is kelp on the beach at Fitzgerald.

Squiggly and crooked-1Squiggly and crooked-2Squiggly and crooked-3


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Crooked and Squiggly Lines

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