Humpback SUP

Whales!  Oh My God, they’re every where.  All up and down the coast.  They’re out at sea, they’re in close.  My son saw them at Princeton Harbor Jetty in the surf zone.  That’s almost on shore.

Yesterday the surf were gloriously small with a fresh offshore breeze that cleaned up the faces of the waves and brought smiles to the surfers.  It was overcast, and faintly smelled of fish that brought in the birds, that brought in the whales.

There were Humpback blows all over the bay.  Several at a time.  And humps showed by the minute, sometimes side by side.  Paddle boarders headed out for a closer look.  A colleague, Denise Crawford, was shooting with a 600mm telephoto lens right next to me and she had it dialed in.  Check out this image of a close encounters of the Humpback kind.

Linda Mar SUP up close and personal
photo by Denise Crawford

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