Fenway Park Takes Me Back

I’ve never been to Boston though I remember Wade Boggs. It was 1986.  Donna and I had returned from our very romantic honeymoon at Packer Lake Lodge. We took lovely hikes and drove the Gold Lake Highway to Graeagle for supplies and sweets. A large bear strode across the road so quickly that it seemed imagined.

The day after returning to work I got sick. Real sick. Tired to the bone sick. I watched post-season baseball. Redsox and Mets. I don’t remember who won but do remember Wade Boggs running bases on old worn out knees and Lenny Dykstra chewing gum, making stunning center field plays and getting on base over and over.

We’re in the air to Boston. My first trip to New England. There are tours of Fenway Park where I’m sure there are vestiges of Wade and that post season back in 1986.  It’s only a mile or two from our friend Letti’s place in Cambridge.

I looked it up. The Mets won in 7.  Here’s an image with the left field Green Monster.

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