Real Surfers

Yesterday I read a blog post from Real Surfers.  It was the first surfing blog I followed.  For one the guy, Erwin Dence, has a great sense of humor, but two, which maybe is actually one, he’s a fantastic artist.  The image above is from his web site.  There’s more where that came from.

But yesterday wasn’t about Art.  It was about waves, or better stated, the absence of waves.  He and his buddies got Skunked, though it sounds like maybe there were some bitty waves.  At the same time, my backyard, Pacifica, CA, had huge waves.  Too big for me.  I’m looking forward to our surf waning a bit, which it appears to be doing.  Maybe the next swell will hit the northwest where Real Surfers is based.

But check out the drawings in this post.  This is what drew me to Real Surfers

2 thoughts on “Real Surfers

  1. thanks for checking out realsurfers (or continuing to check it out). I had to post the photos; I don’t live in Oregon, never really saw Seaside Point breaking before. I have surfed the Cove, hope to again. I do have some new art work I did on New Year’s Day; probably post it toward the end of the week. It’s totally frozen up here with east winds; probably good on the coast, but, cooooolllllllld. My SUP is still on my surf rig from Wednesday, my wetsuit frozen stiff on top of the board, now so dinged-up it weighs way more when I get out than when I went out. I’d patch it but… maybe I mentioned the coldness. Again, best wishes, Erwin

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    1. It’s cold here too, and I’ve been ill with a bug for too long. My suit is sitting on top of my sup, but the end is in sight. Supposed to get into the mid 50s this week.


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