Twas the Seventh Day of Christmas


Twas the Seventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a turtle and some thoughts on current events.  There are two turtles in our Christmas wreath.  I found the first on the third day of Christmas.  With all the horrific news, this turtle may want to pull inside and hide in a hole.  Or maybe it’s me.  But why?  Compared to Allepo, Berlin, and Turkey it’s pretty darn tame outside.  But the news seems slanted toward one catastrophe after another. I bring it home, over and over.

Then I remember to breathe and an old adage springs from my subconscious.  When I don’t have time to meditate two times a day, I need to meditate three times a day.  Or when I don’t have time for one walk, I may need two.  And when current events pile up and spill on the floor, maybe take time to do something fun.

So I printed a nice photo for my dad’s Christmas Present.  A simple photo in a lovely little frame of him, me, my son, and his daughter.  Four Generations, you can see it here.  I’m not the first in the family to pull this off, but it’s the first time I’ve been in the photo.

May you find time to make yourself happy.


2 thoughts on “Twas the Seventh Day of Christmas

  1. How true. If Ifeel that I don’t have time for one meditation session, maybe I need to do two. Stopped meditating again the last 3 months. Mind is gyrating with worries from the second I wake up. I will keep your words in mind. This year, I feel grateful that you and Donna have re-entered our lives. In addition to enjoying you individually as just peeps, you are both such big teachers of mine. I’ve always noted this, and it is good to remind myself how fortunate to have wise, kind, creative and very funny people like you two in my life. I will take your advice and spend time today walking, meditating and doing something creative in addition to vacuuming etc.

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