Coffee Didn’t Do it.

It was the end of the week and time for a change. Not yoga. Not a walk in the forest. But steaming strong coffee and a session in the surf.

I’d checked out the waves at high noon. Despite the decent size, it was crowded. And the ocean was bumpy like the waves came from different angles and collided making, well, bumps where there shouldn’t be bumps.

But by 3:30 the sun started to set and my surf spot was shrouded in shade. It was now or never so I started the coffee. It smelled divine, but when it hit my lips the energy I’d expected fell flat on the floor. My eyes started to flutter, my resolve began to wane. Now what?

So I set the coffee aside and poured a few ounces of water in a cup and loaded it up with two teaspoons of liquid Vitamin B.

I grabbed my board, the towels, the GoPro, the paddle, loaded it all up and drove my five minutes to the beach. An hour later I was cold, calm and had collected enough rides to reminisce for a few days.

After a hot shower I stowing the gear and made a short video which told a tale of Stand Up Paddleboarding, sometimes upside down.

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